STICK-UP THE HEAT, Multi-usable trivet. Up to 5 different positions to hold every size pan   SWEET FORTUNE BOWLS -XL, set of 6 large dessert bowls   RAW EARTH bio based tableware   RAW EARTH bio based tableware   RAW EARTH bio based tableware   RAW EARTH bio based tableware   TUTTI FRUTTI, mega bowl   ZIP CUP DNA-print, designed by Rozemarijn Groenewold. Check out the plates as well A-Muze set of 6 spoons
(and different colour-combos available)
BIG BOWL also available in carbon Black Raw Earth  breakfast RAW EARTH COLLECTION
Tableware based on natural ingredients
Coffee or Tea-to-go. 350ml
Large cups (400ml) in Rainbow colours
6 cups in Dawn colours
milk & Sugar set DUSH & DULCE
a variaty of colours available, and with a cork lid
all pasta welcome in the DEEP BITE PLATE DISH-CONNECT 5.0 Hanging Lamp made of dishes and bowls Bamboo-fiber based SMALL BITE PLATE. Now with DNA-print designed by Rozemarijn Groenewold DOUBLE LOOP CHIPDIPPER FLOWER POWER CHIP & DIP HUNGRY LION, kids set based on biodegradable bamboo and corn HUNGRY ORCA, bamboo-fiber based kids set of cup, bowl and plate Cool down with this LEAN BACK MUG.  LUNCHTIME! the original lunchbox from Zuperzozial based on natural fibers and designed by Remco van der Leij LUNCHTIME! Lunchbox, besides many standard colours, also available in kidsprint HUNGRY FLAMINGO always unfinished kitchenwork with these NEVER ENDING BOWLS... On the road? Take your baguette with you in the ON THE ROAD BAGUETTE BAG. No more plastic bags! ON THE ROAD -FRESHIONABLE COLLECTION. washable paper bags. 100% natural and recycable. No more plastic bag waste! ON THE ROAD FRUITBAG brings your fruit save to work No more plastic waste. Just use and re-use the O-T-R SANDWICHBAG. Washable paper, recycable and 100% natural fiber RAW EARTH COLLECTION. Trendy tableware, eco made! SAL& ED, your partners for the salad. SMUG JUG, hugh pitcher (2L), based on natural materials like bamboo and corn   SPICE IT UP. Hanging plantpots with jute rope. Different sizes and colours. SPOONFUL OF COLOUR. Intense colours in Rainbow or Dawn combo set. Bamboo-fiber based Table ware; that's Zuperzozial Raw Earth